Wild & Wood


John Tildesley is the founder of ’Wild & Wood’ a workshop making solid, practical pieces inspired by nature and adventure.

Wild & Wood are based in Leicestershire, 3 hours from either coastline, but within striking distance of the Peak District, where they can be found gathering damsons in May, paddling in streams in July and frying up sausages on the snowy hill tops in January.  Self confessed outdoors people, they’re a wild-at-heart bunch, who love an adventure off the beaten track, camping out with a roaring fire to bake, roast and toast whatever takes their fancy.

John’s route to design is a colourful journey of practical experience - taking in a bricklaying apprenticeship, a degree in metals, knife making, liquor brewing in Norway and an Arctic survival adventure. It is this sense of adventure and exploration together with the dexterity, motivation and skill that are fundamental to Wild & Wood’s ethos.