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The temperature drops, the wind picks up, the leaves crisp and part from the trees, the birds think about upping sticks for warmer shores (ok, getting up in the dark isn’t much fun) but the rest of Autumn’s characteristics are excellent. Autumn, we’re ready for you.


Body Warmer Cocktails

Party season approaches, which (nearly always but not absolutely always, of course) means drinks.

Try warming your insides with The Pomegranate Moscow Mule. Serve in a handblown glasses.

Just add friends.


Bathroom Groom

We are trying to make our bathroom at home plastic free. It’s a work in progress, we are a very long way from perfect. If you don’t need to replace your things then DO NOT. However, if you’ve been toying with dispensing with your soap dispenser then we have three small considered purchases to add groom to your bathroom.


Master Glassblower Q&A

Using the same tools and conditions, fire and gravity, that have shaped glass for two millennia, master glass blower Scott Benefield describes the fluid nature of glass. An entire object is created in real-time with no engraving or painting or reshaping afterwards. Read our Q & A 


Egg Cups

We have simply the best way to show off your easter boiled eggs. Fine bone china or grey polished concrete, your eggs and their armies of soldiers will stand proud in these.


Why is an egg ‘egg shaped’?

Never mind the ubiquitous ‘which came first’ question, the hot ‘egg’ question is actually ‘why the shape’?

In an extensive paper published in the scientific journal Science* in June 2017 a collective of scientists have discredited the long held view about the reason for a birds eggs being, well, egg shaped.

Now you’re curious, aren’t you. Read on for the real reason.