And it was all yellow…

Simple Shape’s Spring edit will take you on a sweet journey into spring, from first clean through to Easter eggs and out of the other side towards the genuine warmth of summer, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First we have to shed, as tradition (and practicality) would have it, the grime from a winter of sooty fires, ash and dirt. Channel your inner Victorian, roll up your sleeves and rid yourself of winter.




“Yellow is the colour of sun rays”*

Glorious yellows seems to dominate in spring. We’re looking at flowers in vases, the majesty of lemons (and their memory jogging properties), we’re dipping into eggs, and we’re most certainly spring cleaning.
*Soul II Soul, Club Classics Vol. One - of course


Spring Cleaning

Make like the Victorians: Spring Clean everything. Beat the carpets, wash the curtains, scrub the sink. This season is welcomed with open-armed desperation for better weather and a very big CLEAN…if you can be bothered.

Alternatively, wash up a mug and reward yourself with a cup of tea.


In Bloom

Here is our collection of the best handmade jugs, vases and vessels for displaying your bunches, whether they’re gathered from the garden, a bouquet gift or a cellphone wrapped bunch straight from the garage. Put them in the right vessel and they’ll cheer your space no end.


The Benefit of Lemons

Preparing in advance, not revising into the night, and eating and sleeping well are obvious tips for teens who want to do well in exams. 

But neuroscientists have suggested that sniffing lemons and squeezing (their own!) ears could also benefit kids ahead of their school tests. YES for real.


Egg Cups

We have simply the best way to show off your easter boiled eggs. Fine bone china or grey polished concrete, your eggs and their armies of soldiers will stand proud in these.


Why is an egg ‘egg shaped’?

Never mind the ubiquitous ‘which came first’ question, the hot ‘egg’ question is actually ‘why the shape’?

In an extensive paper published in the scientific journal Science* in June 2017 a collective of scientists have discredited the long held view about the reason for a birds eggs being, well, egg shaped.

Now you’re curious, aren’t you. Read on for the real reason.