Elliott Ceramics Cup

Elliott Ceramics Cup


Simple Shape was founded in 2015 by Helen Osgerby, based on the simple premise that working with good people, making good things, made good sense. 

We have worked hard to source, collect and edit the best of British and Irish design - carefully crafted things for the home that are designed and made on these shores.

Simple Shape offers a collection of things that are hand made and hand crafted. Things that are woven, knitted, plaited, sewn, thrown and shaped by established craftspeople and emerging makers.

Our products are designed with thought to their purpose and are made carefully. They require skill and knowledge from the designer and the maker, they might have a history, they might preserve a tradition, maintain a heritage or support an industry. Almost all have a story to tell.

This first collection is conceived to live alongside the things you already own, they are things with integrity that stand the test of time, heirloom pieces that will age gracefully, wear in, not wear out, and that will be  passed to children and grandchildren.

It is important to us that our things are made here in the UK and Ireland. The skills exist here and so does the talent.

Good people. 
Making good things. 
Makes good sense.