Paper Work. The Simple Shape x Homemade London guide

In our dream home the walls would be papered with Esme Winter patterns. For now though, our gifts will be wrapped in them, our school books will be covered with them and decorations will be made with them. 

We spent a brilliant afternoon creating a how-to-guide to paper decorations with Nicola Barron, founder of Homemade London* using our Esme Winter papers. Happy making!

The Essentials & The Usefuls

. branches

. spray paint

. patterened paper (our Esme Winter paper collection should do the trick)

. scissors, craft knife, glue and string

. and this, our Homemade London how-to guide

The Basic Bauble

. this is super easy

. choose your paper, sting & something circular to draw around

. each bauble can have as many or as few 'leaves' as you like

. cut out your circles, fold them in half (pattern facing in) and begin glueing the semi-circles together

. lay the string through the centre and glue the final semi-circle into place

. tie a knot underneath and tie the bauble to a branch!

The Pear-Drop Bauble

. this is our take on an intricate decoration from Jessica Jones's excellent blog How About Orange - a treasure-trove of DIY design projects. 

. print the template from How About Orange

. place each segment onto your paper & hold in place with paperclips

. use a craft knife and cutting mat to cut around the shape

. fold along the centre & glue each segment

. glue the string into the middle

. hang alone at the window or in groups on your tree

The Bauble Bunting

. this one's easy too!

. choose your paper, a long length of sting and something circular to draw round

. you need x4 circles of paper for each bauble

. fold each circle in half and glue three of the semi-circles together

. glue the string into the middle and fix the last circle into place

. measure your space (approx 10cm) and start the next bauble

. keep going until your string, paper, patience runs out!

The Waste-Not Want-Not Bunting

(when paper is this lovely don't waste any of it!)

. cut diamonds of any size

. fold over a length of string and glue together

. sling between flowers, seedheads, branches or trees

*Homemade London specialise in designing and delivering bespoke creative experiences - workshops, events & parties, team building sessions and corporate events. Each workshop is designed to ensure you make something to be proud of and that you have the skills to do it again.