Lay The Table // a mini-film

A few weeks ago we had a truly lovely day, one of those work days that is work but feels nothing like it. The weather was glorious. We took some of Simple Shape's things and went to Yeshen Venema's tranquil photographic studio in Thornhill Square.

And very simply, we laid the table.

Linen, glass, ceramics, wood and wicker took their places.
We drank some coffee.
Listened to the radio.
And played with moving images.

Here below is the result - a peaceful and relaxed moment...
(click to play)

Everything here is hand made in the UK and Ireland by skilled crafts people and makers.
[In the frame; ceramics collection, Elliott Ceramicsglass jug, BTU Studio / food boards, Rosie Brewer / not-just-for-bread basket, Jenny Pearce / table cloth, 31 Chapel Lane.]

With enormous thanks to Yeshen Venema for moving images and Natasha Tonkin for editing.