Jono Smart


Jono Smart
Glasgow, Scotland

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Jono Smart is a maker of ceramics and pottery focusing on simple forms that allow experimentation in clay, colour and texture.  All his pottery is hand thrown in the traditional way with a wheel. He leaves the exterior of his work unglazed to show the raw, fired clay and then applies a simple glaze for an interior lining. Jono uses stoneware clays to create the natural tones and colours in his preferred palette. He gravitates towards white and grey but is known to find unexpected happiness in green and blue!

The pieces he makes are intended for everyday use.  Things that become part of daily routines and rituals. That become part of Sunday morning breakfasts, remind you of a friend, or get placed each night on a bedside table.  Things that are allowed to change over time, he makes pieces with character, that can age. His work is intentionally not too precise, not too pristine and not too mechanical feeling.