Dove Street Pottery


David Worsley
Saltaire, West Yorkshire

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David founded Dove Street Pottery in 2011 and makes his wheel-thrown tableware collection at his workshop in Saltaire, West Yorkshire.  He trained as a sculptor and completed an MA at the Royal College of Art in 1998.  

He does every part of the process himself, from throwing to making his own glazes, all of which are lead-free and food safe.  He uses a smooth white stoneware clay and fires the pots in an electric kiln to 1,260 degrees centigrade.  He throws thinly for stoneware resulting in pots that are refined, elegant and light, yet due to the stoneware clay they are also strong and lend themselves to everyday use.  David works in a muted earthy palette and each piece has a matt-satin finish.

His pieces are quiet and calm but also contemporary.  His aim is to marry beauty with function and to create work that is a pleasure to use.

Photograph by Paul Crowther, Revolver Photo

Photograph by Paul Crowther, Revolver Photo